10 All Clad Items You Need for Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas continues.  Yesterday I wrote about all the things I  want (need?) from Emile Henry.  Today it’s all about All Clad.  I love All Clad and have a ton of  it already, but they keep coming out with cool things I want to play with.

And I have linked to some deals below – special Christmas pricing, free shipping, etc. in case you – like me – need them too.

Just when I thought I had enough All Clad…

 All Clad Must Haves

Go BIG or go home:

1) Cookware Sets

Copper Core 14 piece cookware set, want it!


Brushed d5 14 piece stainless steel, will take it!

Gourmet stainless steel , have it!


2) Steamer Pot, a time-share for mussels!



3) Slow Cooker, mmm pulled pork…


4) Chicken Fryer, I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had this.




5) Electric Grill/Griddle, baby it’s cold outside…so stay inside.  You can still grill.




6) Electric Induction Burner, I will find a reason to use this.  So cool.

7) 13″ French Skillet, finally the proper pan to sear my meat and fish.  Thank you All Clad.

8) 16 quart Stock Pot, trust me when I tell you, you need this.  You don’t believe me, but you should.




9) Immersion Blender, just buy it now (I am) and thank me later.


10) Add On’s: It’s the little things in life.

5 quart Colander,


6 piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Caddy

Stainless Steel BBQ Set


There’s always room for one more…

7″ Oval shaped Baker, I just found this and had to add it to my list.  I must have these!





The thing to remember about All Clad is that the quality is always very high and it lasts.  I will be adding more reviews of individual All Clad pieces that demonstrate how and when they are best used.

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