10 Best Kitchen Knives You Need Now

The 12 Days of Christmas continues and I’m switching gears from cookware to one of the most important tools in the kitchen – knives.  This list includes some of my favorites that I already own and some I just have to have.  So here it is, the 10 best kitchen knives ( and sets) you need now (if you ask me)!

If you need some new knives (or sets) or want to give them as a gift,  I’ve linked deals and specials just for you, because I’ve got your back. Ho Ho Ho

 The Best Kitchen Knives On Sale Now

1) The Sets

Wusthof  Classic 16 piece Walnut Knife Block Set, you gotta start somewhere, why not at the top?




Shun Soro 6 piece Knife Block Set, this is on my Christmas list this year.

Saber F-12 Full Tang German Steel Chef Knives with Bag, for the aspiring chef in your life.





2) 9.5″ Japanese Chef Knife, a must have!



3) Wusthof 8″ Hollow Edge Wunder Knife, is wonderful.



4)  Shun 7″  Premier Santoku Knife, if you don’t have a Santoku, buy one, it’s the go-to kitchen knife.

5) Wusthof 6″ Boning Knife, you will use this more than you can imagine.





6)  Shun Premier Nakiri 5.5″ Knife,

7) Wusthof 5.5″ Sandwich Knife, I have 4 kids and make lunches every day.  I need this!



8) Shun Premier 4″ Paring Knife, small and powerful.
9)  Wusthof 3 piece Cheese Knife Set, of course this is on the list, I’m a cheese maker:-)



10) Wusthof  Classic Steak Knife Sets, I own these, I love these.


Wusthof Gourmet 7 piece Steak Knife Set , I wish I owned these.


And the Motherlode….

Wusthof  Classic Ultimate 32 Piece Knife Set, this is on my ‘dare I dream’ list!



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