10 Calphalon Cookware Items

On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 10 Calphalon Cookware Items…..

I consider Calphalon to be the workhorse of my kitchen.  It’s heavy and sturdy and can take on any cooking job.  Presently, I only own hard anodized pieces, but hope to add their gorgeous enamel and stainless steel models to my collection soon.

I started this list off with sets (a great way to start any collection) and worked my way through breakfast, lunch and dinner with cookware that can be used for each meal.  And I hate to pay full price, so I linked deals and Christmas specials, assuming you like to save your pennies too.

Ho Ho Ho!



1) The Sets:

Commercial Hard Anodized 13 piece Cookware Set, hard anodized is a great place to start.  It is wonderful for searing and deglazing and can go in the oven or under the broiler.


Contemporary Non Stick 12 piece Cookware Set, take everything you love about its hard andonized system that makes this cookware excel in even heating and conductivity and take it up a notch by covering it with a non stick coating.

Stainless Steel 3 Ply 13 piece Cookware Set, this cookware is designed with three layers to ensure even, consistent heating.   It has a heavy-gauge, aluminum core surrounded by two layers of stainless steel, providing excellent heat conduction for browning and enhanced control of the cooking process.

2) 7 quart Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven, this Dutch Oven evenly distributes and steadily radiates heat so it is ideal for slow-cooking foods or for searing and braising meats.

3) 5 quart AccuCore Stainless Steel Dutch Oven, this Dutch Oven has five layers of stainless steel with copper core for controlled, even heating.  My favorite feature? Stay cool handles.


4) 3.5 quart Pour and Strain Sauce Pan, my life just got a whole lot easier with this pan.  Not only is it made of its hard anodized material, but it is designed with a spout for pouring and straining – brilliant!

5) 10 ” Non Stick Stir Fry Pan, I don’t have a stir fry pan, but this is the one I want.

6) Hard Anodized 16″ Roaster with Non Stick Rack, I’m enamored with Calphalon’s hard anodized material.  It is sturdy, cooks evenly and cleans up easily, 3 things you want in your roaster pan.



) 6 quart Unison Non Stick Saute Pan with Cover, this latest SEAR NONSTICK surface seals in flavor and is ideal for sautéed vegetables, braised beef, chops, cutlets and pan sauces.  You can cook with little or no oils, butter or fats for healthier meals.


8) Unison Grill Pan and Cast Iron Press with Sear Non Stick, this pan holds in heat, cooks both sides of your food at once to seal in flavor, and drains unwanted fat.  Need I say more?

  11″ Enamel cast Iron Grill Pan and Press I like options.  This pan is not only gorgeous, but it allows you  to grill in your own kitchen –  genius!

9) 12″ Non Stick Omelette Pan, having the right tool for the job when cooking eggs is a must, especially when making omelettes.  This is the right tool.

12″ Stainless Steel Omelette Pan, for those of you who like shiny things.


10) 7 quart Non Stick Sauteuse Sauce Pan, out of this list, I want this pan most.   I have one like it with a long handle, but these short, stay cool handles are just cool.  Not to mention that it will fit better on my crowded stove.

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