10 Le Creuset Must Haves

The 12 Days of Christmas.  First it was Emile Henry, then All Clad, now it’s Le Creuset.  I own some Le Creuset, but not nearly enough.  Here are 10 (more) items I would love to add to my collection.

If you need to add them to your collection too or need a gift for your friend or family member who loves to cook, I linked deals and specials to make your life just a little bit easier.

Ho Ho Ho!


le creuset dutch ovens and roasters

Le Creuset discounts for Christmas

Hello Le Creuset!

1)  Cookware Sets…for the newbie 🙂

12 piece Cookware Set, stainless steel, who knew?


20 piece Cookware Set, a little of everything.



24 piece Cookware Set, more of everything!




2) Meet the Le Creuset Dutch Ovens – classic in every way…

7 1/4 quart Round French


4 1/2 quart Round French



2 quart Round French


3) Don’t forget the oval…

5 quart Oval French Dutch Oven



4) Skinny Grill, grilling in the winter? Absolutely.

5) Skinny Griddle, Christmas morning breakfast, need I say more?

6) 5 quart Braiser, I have this.  I love this.  You need this.



7)  7 quart Cast Iron Roaster, I don’t have this.  I need this.


8) Mini Cocottes, for the cuteness factor alone!


9) Espresso Mugs, if it has to do with coffee, I’m in.

10)  6 piece Stoneware Bakeware Set, this set is on top of my list.  I don’t have any of these pieces :-((


Odds and Ends:

2 quart Coffee Storage Jar, that whole coffee thing again…




Cream and Sugar Set, I like everything about these.


Salt Crock, I have a salt crock, but it has an open top.  I like this one better.  Prettier too.


Utensil Crock, a must in every kitchen.



5 piece Bean Pot Set , this one’s for me (and you).  Can you say black bean soup?



The Most Important Item for Last!!

5 Tier Cookware Stand, you need someplace to put everything!



In case you didn’t know I love Le Creuset and there is more detail on the brand and how I cook with it here: Le Creuset.

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