7 Inspired Autumn Cocktails

It’s Friday.  It’s finally Fall. So I thought it would be appropriate – ok, maybe not appropriate exactly, but fun – to look at some cocktails.  We’re in the midst of a full blown cocktail craze in this country.  And I have been it’s biggest skeptic and naysayer.  Generally, I like wine.  I have collected wine for over 15 years, I have made wine, wine is my thing.  But I have to tell you that some of these cocktails are pretty good.

apple cider rum old fashioned on a nice tray

Apple Cider Rum Old Fashioned

The first time I had an old fashioned I was in college – way before everyone saw people drinking them on Mad Men – and wanted to try and old-school cocktail.  That was also the last time I had an old fashioned.  I hated it. But things sure change when you replace cheap bourbon with a good rum and the club soda with apple cider.  This recipe is quite nice.


apple cider sangria

Apple Cider Sangria

I like sangria – a lot.  I have a great sangria recipe that I make pretty frequently during the Summer.  And I think this apple cider sangria just became it’s Autumn counterpart.  Not too strong, very pleasant taste, and apple cider – what’s not to like?


warm butter brandy

Warm Butter Brandy

Is it getting cold out?  Well, here in Arizona it’s not exactly cold but that doesn’t mean this warm buttered brandy doesn’t go down easy.   Very satisfying on a cold winter’s night.

a blood orange and whisky cocktail

Blood Orange Cocktail

The key to this one is the blood oranges – not always easy to get – but very worth the effort.  They have such a distinctly pleasant flavor that they bring the whole drink together.  You can replace blood oranges with regular oranges and it’s still good, but if the blood oranges really make it better so use them if you can.  Full recipe here.


blueberry gin sour

Blueberry Gin Sour

The name of this cocktail – blueberry gin sour – is not the most appetizing, at least to me.  But sour and blueberry is a surprisingly good combination.  I’ve never liked any drink with sour in it, but the blueberry balances it nicely.  This is also very quick to make.


autumn smash cocktail with gosling's black seal rum

Autumn Smash Cocktail

This autumn cocktail is really good – sweet, but good.  It’s easy to make too, but it needs some ingredients that – like caramel liqueuer – that will probably require a trip to the store.


cranberry ginger cocktail with apple cider

Cranberry Ginger Apple Cider Cocktail

I’m noticing a theme with these cocktails – apple cider.  Fortunately, I’m a fan.  Here in Arizona we get our apple cider from Sedona where there are a few apple orchards and come autumn we are their best customers.  And hey, look,  I just found another use for apple cider!