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Acclaimed cheesemaker Gina Buskirk and her husband Chris started their specialty food company, Gina’s Homemade, in 2010.  They make a variety of artisan and specialty cheeses, fresh pasta, ravioli, and a newly introduced line of gourmet mixes.  Since starting the company their customers have included national retailers like Whole Foods, restaurants from celebrity chefs like Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck, and lots of great independent restaurants.

But Gina likes to say that the good stuff happens at home.  So in 2014 Chris and Gina started Gina @ Home.  Living well isn’t champagne and caviar (though we wouldn’t say no to either) – it’s what happens at home everyday – making dinner, sending the kids to school, holidays with family, and all of the million moments that make up a life.  We’ll show you how to do the little things that make that life better like making a special meal, how to make an ordinary meal better, great cooking gadgets, how to make all-natural skin care products, the best places you’ve never heard of to eat, and all kinds of other things we think you’ll appreciate.  And, we’ll always give it to you straight.  You’ll see some funny stuff in the background of a few of our videos if you watch closely.

We want to hear from you so reach out to us in the comments section or through social media.  We don’t have a PR team so it will always be one of us replying to you directly.

If there is something of special interest to you let us know.


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Chris & Gina


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