Best Homemade Stain Remover

Literally the best homemade stain remover.

This is truly the best homemade stain remover.


This homemade stain remover is one of my favorite things. I haven’t decided what I like most the fact that it actually works- and works well – or the fact that I can make it from supplies I have around my house. Perhaps it’s because I got to make it myself and having it really work is the bonus.  With 4 kids I have found myself scouring the internet on more than one occasion asking, “How do I remove blood stains” and “How do I remove grass stains?”  And then of course, my personal favorite to show up on my Google search history, “How do I remove red wine stains?”   /ahem/foreshadowing/guilty cough/

In the evening, a couple hours after we taped this video, I had the misfortune of having red wine splatter on my white blouse. It is the first time I was happy about getting a stain – but sadly not the first time I had to remove a red wine stain. I figured not only could I put this stain remover to the test, but more importantly I could give all of you some solid before and after pictures.  I must say I was pleased with the result.  After using my homemade stain remover, my blouse came out of the washing machine white as can be.  And it is quite cheap to make.

* Full disclosure: 1) The stain didn’t get treated for hours. 2) I opted for the hydrogen peroxide step and 3) I let the blouse sit over night with stain remover on the spots.

The results are amazing. See the pictures above. Pretty amazing.  Happy stain removing!



2 cups hot water

6 tbsp baking soda

2/3 cup Ammonia

2/3 cup Dawn(original blue)

1 old toothbrush

*Hydrogen Peroxide-optional for harder stains



Add the baking soda to the hot water and stir until it dissolves. Add ammonia and Dawn and stir well. Pour into spray bottle. Label correctly. **Note: spray bottle will clog from the baking soda crystallizing as it dries. Run nozzle through hot water to unclog. For best application use a squeeze bottle.

Apply stain remover and use a toothbrush to scrub stain. Wash. Stain gone.

For a tougher stain, apply stain remover, scrub then apply hydrogen peroxide and continue scrubbing.  Wash. Be happy stain is gone.  This is seriously the best stain remover.