Easy Clam Dip Recipe

I have invaded yet another home to learn a new recipe.  Last time, I visited Juliette, who taught me a wonderful Spanish dish, Sea Bass Baked in Salt, and this time Clarissa taught me how to make Clam Dip.  This Clam Dip Recipe was passed on to her by her good friend in Washington State and it is so good I needed to pass it along to you.

Normally, I don’t eat clams.  Ever.  Unlike almost everyone else in my family, I am just not a fan.  But, a few weeks back, I was at Clarissa’s house with my family for Sunday football and she made this dip.  I love dip.  So when she brought out this dip I was eager to try it, that is until I found out it was made with clams.  Upon hearing this, I literally stopped my beloved potato chip in its tracks and backed it up.  Clams? Clams in the dip (insert my frown here)?  At that point my husband already had the dip in his mouth and started to make the ‘mmmm’ sound. He told me to try it and that I wouldn’t be disappointed.  Hesitantly, my chip made its way back to the clam dip and dug in. Then, reluctantly I ate it…when I am wrong, I say I’m wrong (the key to marriage longevity), and I was wrong not to try this clam dip.  It is so unbelievably good.

The cream cheese is lightened up by incorporating a small amount of the clam juice.  The clams are minced and not chopped, so you are getting hints of the clam flavor and not mouthfuls.  The worcestershire adds a burst of flavor that enhances the clam flavor without masking it.   Throw in some garlic powder, salt, and pepper and you have an outstanding party dip that is out of the ordinary.

My stance on clams has officially changed.  Learning new recipes like this is one of the main reasons I love doing what I do.  I never know what food I am going to discover, or in this case, rediscover.  This post is a good example of how really good foods can be really simple – and how fun it can be to spend time with friends.  This dip takes 3-5 minutes to make (maybe) and is totally effortless, but the results leave a lasting impression (I’m still talking about it).  It may not be found in any Italian cookbook, but it should be, mainly because it is perfect for an Italian Christmas Eve hors d’oeuvre!

Thank you to Clarissa for teaching this old dog  a new trick and for welcoming me into your kitchen.  Please give this clam dip recipe a try and let me and Clarissa know what you think.


Clam Dip Recipe

1 -8oz can minced clams

1-12 oz cream cheese, plain

1-2 tbsp worcestershire sauce

1/4 – 1/2  tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

1/4 -1/2  tsp garlic powder

In a bowl add the cream cheese.  Next, using a strainer, drain clams and reserve the clam juice.   Add the clams to cream cheese and stir.    Add worcestershire, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Add the clam juice adjusting to your preferred consistency.   Stir well and serve chilled with a ridged potato chip.


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