Emile Henry Cookware

This is my latest obsession – Emile Henry Cookware.  I have spent so many years in the kitchen I don’t know how I didn’t take notice of Emile Henry until very recently.  But thankfully I have now and I am making up for lost time.  As many of you know I do a lot of baking – my first cookbook was a cookie book.  And much Emile Henry’s line lends itself to baking – not all of it of course – but the bakeware, the rest of the line is absolutely top notch.

I started using Emile Henry about a year ago and was really impressed with the first piece, but it wasn’t until I had used it a few times that I realized how good and how versatile it really is.  The company is Based in Burgundy, France and was started in 1850 and is still owned and operated by the family.  Call me old school, but I like that.  And I think the fact that the business represents the almost 2 century heritage of the family comes through in the products.

The company really made their name with their ceramic cookware.  And that is what I have the most of.  They have pretty much perfect ceramic cookware and bakeware.  Their dutch oven, for example, can go directly from a freezer into a hot oven and cook beautifully. And the ceramic itself diffuses the heat quickly and evenly resulting in a nice even cook.  I have used Le Creuset cast iron cookware for close to 20 years and I love it, but I have found that there are certain things and certain techniques that definitely benefit from ceramic and that is why I have developed this love affair with Emile Henry.  For example, souffles made in their ramekins come out perfect.  Baking a pizza on their ceramic pizza stone develops a beautiful crust, and their bread cloche and bread pans product the best bread I have ever made.

From my experience, Emile Henry produces some of the best bakeware I have ever used.  The nature of baking in ceramic is such that it can produce a gorgeous crust.  It’s true with the pizza stone, it’s true with the bread pans and bread cloche, and it’s true also with their loaf pans, pie dishes, quiches, and all the rest.  If you start with a good bread recipe or a good recipe for pie crust then the rest is going to be up to to your bakeware and to your oven.  Today, most ovens are pretty good – some are better than others, but an average oven today is better than the good ones from 20 years ago.  But there is a lot of cheap bakeware out there that will undo all of your hard work.  Whereas the Emile Henry does just the opposite – it makes what you are doing better.

And it looks good.  The colors are simple and natural yet vibrant.  Like you, I take a lot of pride in what I make in the kitchen so when I serve it I want it to look as good as it tastes.  This is one of the reasons I love Emile Henry – not only is their craftsmanship evident when cooking or baking, it makes my table beautiful too.

So by now you get the idea – I like Emile Henry.  A lot.  I won’t apologize – when I find high quality products made my people with passion I get it and I love it and I want to tell you about it.   Here is a quick overview of their line:


Bread Bakeware

Loaf Pans

Pie Dishes






Au Gratin


Dutch Oven

Soup Bowl


Lasagna Pan




Pizza Stone



Risotto Pot


Tarte Tatin


Mixing Bowls

Oil Cruet

Salt Pig (I have this and love it!)



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