Easy Way to Crack an Egg

You can learn the easy way to crack an egg or you can stick with the old way which has you hitting the egg on the edge of your bowl leaving nothing but eggshells in its wake.  Sounds silly, right? Not if you go to crack an egg on the edge of a bowl that is already filled with other ingredients.  You then find yourself picking out little shards of eggshell-not fun.  Try my method below and make your time in the kitchen a little easier.  Also, I included a short video below for your viewing pleasure.  If you like it please subscribe to my youtube channel.  Happy egg cracking!!

Easy Way to Crack an Egg


1 egg

Your hands


Paper towel or kitchen towel


Place a kitchen towel or paper towel flat on the counter.  Take an egg in your hand and with the long side perfectly parallel to the towel, hit the egg flat against the towel.  make sure you use enough force, but not too much force, that’s the tricky part.  The egg will make a perfect crack in the egg across the short side.  Put egg over the bowl and spread the shell apart at the crack.  Voile! A perfectly cracked egg with no shells left behind.

*Note- make a practice of always cracking eggs in a separate bowl and then adding them to your ingredients bowl.  This way if you do end up getting any eggshells in the bowl it is easy to remove them and you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the other ingredients:-)


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