How To Make Caramel Sauce

It’s officially Fall, the time of year when school is in full swing and Halloween is around the corner.  And around here that means it’s time to show you how to make caramel sauce.  Everytime I think of Halloween I think of caramel apples.  I’m not sure why, but my youngest , however, pretty much thinks of them year round!  Which is why I had the pleasure of making homemade caramel sauce so I could make caramel apples for her birthday treat.  It turned out to be a quest more than a creation.

Let me explain.  See, when you look up caramel sauce recipes for dipping apples there are an array to choose from and that is wonderful.  One problem:  There is caramel sauce for dipping apples and then there is caramel sauce for “dipping apples and having the caramel stay on the apple in order to dip them in sprinkles/decorations without the caramel running down the apple into a pool of caramel at the bottom.’’ There are two different thing and I found out the hard way.  I was tearing my hair out because my first few batches of caramel sauce tasted it good, but they weren’t thick enough to stay on the apple so that would dip them in decorations.  Been there?  So I did a few more batches and modified the recipe and figure it out.

For the first time, possibly ever, I decided to make the caramel apples the day before instead of the day of- good thing since the first 4 batches didn’t adhere to my apples!  By the second day – the day my daughter had to take them to school – and more batches I finally came up with a caramel sauce recipe that is thick enough to stay on the apple and allow you to dip them in something else – marshmallows, sprinkles, whatever. This recipe sets up harder when it cools and still keeps a soft texture so it is easy to bite into.  The taste isn’t too sweet so it compliments any sprinkles/decorations you use, but is rich enough to stand on its own.  If you’ve got it in you, give this recipe a try.  The end results are worth all your efforts!  I would love to know if all my efforts helped.  Good luck.

Caramel Sauce

6 small apple


  • 1 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • ⅓  cup heavy cream
  • 3 1/2 tbsp butter, unsalted


Add sugar and lemon juice in a heavy saucepan. Heat on med for 5-8 mins or until sugar turns an amber or golden brown.   Remove from heat and add cream first, then butter. BE CAREFUL caramel will bubble up when cream is added. Stir and then let set for 5-7 mins. To speed up cooling process have an ice bath ready and set the pan in the ice bath for 30 seconds then take out and stir. Repeat until desired consistency is reached.

Ninja Tips

*Some recipes say the less you stir the better off you are and if you cannot stir at all even better.  I would agree with that when making caramel sauces.  However,  in this recipe I’ve done it both ways and it has turned out fine.

**Cleaning – Clean any caramel coated bowls or utensils with cold water, it dissolves the caramel.  If you clean it with hot water it will continue to cook the caramel and harden it all the more making it very difficult to clean.

***You can adjust the thickness of your caramel by adding or subtracting the cream.

And now you know how to make caramel sauce.  Once you see how to do it, I think this recipe is easy.  What do you think? XOXO –Gina