How to Zest a Lemon

Learning how to zest a lemon isn’t exactly easy.  The zester’s that are on the market are small and difficult to handle not to mention ineffective.  In the instructional video below I will introduce you to one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever, the Microplane.  It is easy to use and highly efficient. Once you master this tool, reading ‘zest a lemon’ in a recipe won’t make you stop and run from the kitchen.  Oh, and didi I mention that it is the perfect tool when grating hard cheeses? Just a little perk to a great tool!

How to Zest a Lemon


1 lemon

1 Microplane



Clean and dry the lemon. Hold the lemon in one hand and the Microplane in the other.  Make sure the ridges of the Microplane are facing up and the blades are facing down against the lemon’s peel.  Move the Microplane back and forth using short strokes and watch the lemon zest collect in the cavity of the Microplane.  At this point you can take the zest with your fingers and put it into a measuring spoon if you are following a recipe or you can turn the Microplane upside down onto the plate.  You can zest any citrus with a Microplane.

As wonderful as this tool is for zesting citrus my favorite use for it is grating any hard cheese.  It is especially useful when your hard cheese has dwindled down to the end and a regular cheese grater just won’t grate it properly.  Because the Microplane is long and skinny it is the perfect size for end pieces.

I have posted a short instructional video below so you can see what a Microplane looks like and how to properly use it.  If you like what you see please leave me a comment or subscribe to my youtube channel.  Happy zesting!!

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