London Street Food

I admit it – I love London.  And I love street food, so for me London street food is a 1+1=3 type of thing.  And like a lot of cities here in the States they have a serious street food renaissance going on.  So I thought it would be fun to take a little daydream through some of the city’s best menus and give some love to a few of the stars in their street food scene.


sandwich of haggis, cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions

The Scottish get their licks in early with this hot haggis, cheddar, & caramelized onion sandwich.

Scottish street food?  Who knew?  This sandwich might actually make haggis appetizing – since almost anything tastes good with melted English cheddar and caramelized onions.

glazed doughnut

A glazed doughnut raised to the sublime

Crosstown Doughnuts is to doughnuts in the UK what Voodoo Doughnut in Portland is here in the US. These guys take their doughnuts seriously – and it shows.


rola wala indian naan tikka

Rola Wala in London is making Indian street food a reality

Over at Rola Wala they are making classic Indian dishes like coriander chicken tikka and pairing them with freshly made naan bread (one of my favorties) and taking it to the streets.  Once you say fresh naan, I am already interested.  They can be found at the Street Feast in Dalton Yards and many festivals around the city.


neapolitan wood fired pizza margherita

Gorgeous Neapolitan style pizza margherita

Pizza, like love, is a universal language.  But the most beautiful dialect is Neapolitan style pizza.  The specially milled flour, the inferno that is a wood-fired pizza oven, and of course, the freshly pulled mozzarella make this a favorite.  So simple and perfect.  As an Italian and a mozzarella maker this is a favorite no matter where it’s found and they are doing good things  at Pizza Pilgrims in London.


grilled cheese sandwich with english cheddar

London makes the grilled cheese soar.

Everyone likes grilled cheese, but Grill My Cheese makes it do things you never thought possible.  Their menu changes frequently and it’s always good.  Like many of the best in the London street food world they pride themselves on local sourcing from artisan producers.  Their grilled cheese with housemade bechamel looks like winner – because sometimes more really is more.