Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day,  specifically eggs.  Eggs can be made a bunch of different ways, but my favorite is scrambled.  I usually scramble them with a nice medium cheddar cheese (cheese goes with everything) and toast some bread.  Recently, I decided to turn it up a notch in the egg category and this is my result.  These are the most perfect scrambled eggs  I have ever had.  And if you follow the process every time you make scrambled eggs they will come out light and fluffy and they will have a richer flavor.  The secret ingredient is the creme fraiche but I also add chives and some coarsely ground sea salt for flavor.  But the real secret that makes these scrambled eggs perfect every time is the process.  You can see what I mean in the video.

It wasn’t until I started making creme fraiche and selling it that I truly understood the impact it has on the flavor of anything you add it to.  It is technically not a cheese, it is a cultured cream and it’s not from Italy, but France.  It has been referred to as the French version of American sour cream.  I’m not sure how the French would feel about that because it is really is so much more.  When I make creme fraiche I use a specific culture that works on the cream for 24-48 hours to develop a very distinct flavor that is richer and fuller than sour cream.

It is lighter than sour cream and it’s flavor is more sophisticated.  When you add it to scrambled eggs it takes a rather nice egg and elevates it to an entirely new egg experience.  The fluffiness and texture, not to mention the taste stop you in your tracks.  You can’t believe the masterpiece that is exploding in your mouth is just a scrambled egg.   And to drive the flavor home, chives are added to give a hint of onion flavor.  Chives have a taste so much greater than an average onion it is hard to classify them in the same family.  Sorry onions.

Pair this perfect scrambled egg recipe with some good, grilled, crusty fresh bread and you have a meal that isn’t just for breakfast. Or you can do what I do and eat it for dinner, pairing it with a full bodied red wine.  Weird?  Probably, but it’s working for me.  Eat it whenever  you like, just make it and eat it and let me know all about it!  Leave me a comment or a question.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs


3-4 eggs

1/2 -1 tbsp butter, unsalted

1 tbsp creme fraiche

2-3 chives, chopped  Add creme fraiche and keep stirring.  Add chives


In a saucepan,  add eggs and butter.  Heat on medium/high, stirring constantly.  When making scrambled eggs with this recipe move the pan off and on the heat every 1-2 minutes until eggs are almost done.   Add creme fraiche and keep stirring.  Add chives, stir.  Plate eggs and serve alone or with grilled bread.

Grilled bread:

Slice 2 pieces of fresh Italian or French bread.    Heat a small fry pan on medium/ high heat and drizzle olive oil.  Place bread in pan.  Drizzle olive oil on top of bread and sprinkle sea salt.  Flip and grill other side of bread.  Serve.


Tools of the Trade: To make these eggs I recommend using a pan with higher sides so the eggs don’t spill out while they are being stirred.  My favorite is the All Clad 3 quart Saucier Pan


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