Top 10 Staub Cookware Products

The 12 Days of Christmas is in full swing and next up is a product line that I really want and don’t have any of…poor me.  Staub cookware – love it. It is similar in some ways to Le Creuset, but they offer some different pieces.

So here are the 10 (and probably more) Staub products I really want that I don’t have!

And I linked deals and specials to help you out because I like you!

Ho Ho Ho.


1) I like to start with sets (1 of each please):

5 Piece Cookware Set


4 Piece Ceramic Bakeware Set

2) Vertical Roaster, I actually need 2 of these!

3) Mussel Pot, my favorite and most wanted item on this list.

4) 7 quart Round Dutch Oven, I want this based on its looks alone.


5) 3 quart Saucepan with Lid, I love this!



6) Wide Round Shallow Cocotte, the perfect shallow piece.

7) 13″ Double Handle Fry Pan, a fry pan without a handle, who knew? Staub knew…

8) 5 quart Bouillibaisse Pot, if I get this I will make a bouillibaisse video, I promise!




9) Combo Grill Press, can you say panini?


10) 4.25 quart Coq Au Vin Cocotte, I have no idea what I’d make in this, perhaps coq au vin?

There’s always room for more…

11″ Crepe Pan with Spreader, crepes are big in my house, but I only have a little crepe pan, I need this…right?

Rectangular Grill Pan with Silicone Handle, this is just cool on all levels.  It looks cool and it lets you grill inside.  Need I say more?

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