UGG Bailey Button Boot

The Ugg Bailey Button Boot is the classic. I don’t even know when I got my first pair – years ago and more than I care to remember.  But there is a reason they are so popular and have been for so long.  When winter rolls around people – me included – reach for their boots.  Of course in my case, I am always cold (and I live in Arizona) and I wear my Ugg’s even in the summer.  Weird, right?  I don’t wear them when I go out, but I do put them on in the morning when I go to the kitchen.

The Bailey Button Boot – like all Ugg’s – has the real sheepskin exterior and the cozy interior that I love.  And now I even have my girls hooked on them.  Our boots usually last us a year or 2 – we live in them – and then it’s time for a new pair which is generally a good all around.  They come in 14 colors and there are bunch of styles besides the Bailey Button.

I linked to the best deal I found.  Free shipping as I write.


Cozy, warm, perfect. Love these boots.

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