Womens Denali Jacket

Hi everybody.  I’m taking a short detour from my usual cooking demos to write about something else.  When I started this site I always intended to write about other things too – kids, lifestyle, fitness (or at least my attempts at it) – in short the everyday things that make up a life. But I really haven’t had a chance so I am forcing myself to write about something different today.  Why?  Because I am sticking with my idea that if I know about something good or useful or just fun I will let you know too.  So today, I have to tell you about this womens Denali Jacket.  (There is a men’s version too that is slightly different.)

I’m Arizona so our version of cold is different than the cold I grew up with in Michigan, but for some reason I feel colder.  And I try and get out as much as possible.  I’m an avid hiker and trailerunner (more like jogger/walker) and we have some great trails around here. This Denali jacket from North Face has become my friend.  It’s extremely cozy and warm.  I think it looks good too so I wear it to some of my many kid drop-offs and pick-ups during the day and I can look at least somewhat put together.

If you’re a mom, you know that it’s not unusual to put on your workout clothes first thing in the morning with all the best intentions and in a blink it’s 5:30 and your making dinner and you have not gotten a workout in.  But hey, at least you tried right?   Anyway, I thought this jacket was a great find.  Looks good, feels good, cozy – that’s pretty much all I could ask.   If comes in 29 colors and 6 sizes plus kids sizes so there is pretty much something for everyone.

I linked to the best deal I could find.


One more thing – if you see a crazy lady in Phoenix in a North Face Denali jacket trying wrangle four kids, there’s a good chance it’s me.

XO – Gina

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